Healthy air at home! Laboratory test for domestic use for bacteria, mold and yeasts.

See what you breathe
in your business

How it works

Join the companies
that care for health and productivity
of their employees.

Detect bacteria, yeast
and mould in the air and on surfaces.

The average person inhales more than 20,000 times a day and spends the majority of their day indoors – at home, at the office, in the car, or in a shopping centre. Abundant microorganisms cause frequent bronchitis, asthma, and other chronic respiratory or skin diseases.

How it works?

Professional air sampling

We analyze the flow of air in the room, including air condition units. These are often neglected and cause the spread of viruses as well
in healthy and safe areas.

We identify suitable places for collection
and we suggest a method of sampling:

Behind the lab door

The samples are taken to our verified partner laboratories. There, they are cultivated for one to two weeks, and analyzed by expert microbiologists.

The analysis covers 3 levels of identified threats:

Get amazed by the results

Seeing what we breathe can actually take our breath away.

Our report shows your samples after cultivation, including the information about the discovered microorganism species, as well as their quantities.

Bad results, good news

Even a report indicating higher contamination is no reason to panic. We will recommend a suitable solution and proceed with its implementation upon request.

We use disinfectant foggers that work for all indoor areas, disinfect the air-conditioning systems and apply the disinfection locally.